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Always inspired by the world around us, I seek to capture those majestic moments in life - from the places we go and the people we see. And through committing these moments to canvas, look to return the viewer to life with greater emotion.

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'Where we used to lie down when we were together'

My current collection of work explores landscape in terms of the place it holds in our memories and emotions. There are those places we encounter that stay with us owing to the time of our lives we're there, who we're with and how we feel in these spaces. These paintings hope to transport the viewer to the places that they hold close in their lives.

You can see more of this collection in my 'portfolio' or by clicking here.

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I welcome commissions for landscapes and portraiture (both people and animals). I keep my working process as simple as possible, working together with my clients to create a piece of art that is perfect for them.

Commissioned art makes a perfect gift, and with drawings starting from £195 and paintings from £250, it's an affordable way to create something that will be treasured for a lifetime.

To find out more about commissioning art with me, just click here.

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I have created limited edition, giclee prints of many of my landscape and floral paintings. These are printed on beautiful fine art paper and are available unframed or framed.

You can browse and purchase these prints at my art gifts website Hands & Hearts, just click on the button below.

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158 Murray Road, London, W5 4DA

07760 444128

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