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I welcome commissions across my portfolio - landscapes, portraits, abstracts or florals. I believe that commissioned art should be accessible to all and so I make my work affordable and my process simple and collaborative.

An art commission can create something truly unique, personal and wonderful for your home. It makes a stunning, thoughtful gift for birthdays and Christmas, or simply something for you to treasure in your home for a lifetime.

Lancaster 1405.jpg


I'm a huge believer in the importance of landscape art in our lives. The places we know, remember and love have such a strong attachment to us. From a place we remember as a child, to favourite holiday experiences, from places we have lived and left, to where we now spend our lives, these places in our lives are incredibly important to us.

I love to create paintings that can bring these places and attached memories and emotions to life for people. I'm always happy to work to a style that best suits your taste - be that more representative and realistic, or more abstract and energetic.

Paintings start from £250 and cost varies by size of work. The time it takes to complete a piece will depend on size and style, but it's usually between 4-8 weeks from when we agree a composition. I'm happy to speak about working more quickly than this, if needed for a gift or similar - just get in touch and I'll always do what I can!

Everything starts with a chat about what you might be interested in, so please give me a call or drop me an email and we can discuss how I could create something perfect for you.


A portrait of a loved one creates an unrivalled, everlasting memory of who they are, captured at a particular time of their life. I wholeheartedly believe that a painting or drawing can capture someone in a way that a photo can never do - it can take their essence and bring it to life.

Portraits of children have become a particular specialism of mine (see some examples by clicking here). Our children grow up fast and a portrait is a perfect way to remember them as a child, in a memory you can treasure for a lifetime.

I have created portraits across the full range of ages, from the youngest child to the older members of our families. And since we often treasure our pets as members of our family too, I also take commissions for portraits of four-legged friends.

I always work with photos as my source material, either ones you have already, ones you can take especially for a portrait project, or where feasible ones I take in a photoshoot at your home or my studio (whatever works best!)

Portrait drawings start from just £225 and paintings from £425. They make perfect, unrivalled gifts and my simple process can easily ensure we keep the surprise!
If you might be interested, please just get in touch and we can discuss how I could create something wonderful for you.

Jemima finished.JPG


Eleanora 1910 square.JPG

It's as if Alex painted my daughters' very souls, he captured their personalities so perfectly

Martha 2304.JPG

Alex's portraits of our girls are just wonderful. They capture them so perfectly, both how they look but more importantly what they're like. We'll treasure them forever

Max 0611.JPG

Thanks again for the wonderful portraits you did of our children. They take pride of place in our home and never fail to receive admiring comments from friends and family

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